Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder: A Review

“Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder” is the first installment of the Hannah Swensen murder mystery series, taking place in Lake Eden, Minnesota.

“If running the town’s most popular bakery while fending off her mother’s attempts at marrying her off isn’t enough, Hannah Swensen now has to catch a killer to save her bakery’s good reputation.”

“Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder” is not your average dime store mystery novel and that is thanks, in large part, to the recipes sprinkled throughout the novel. The book features recipes mentioned in the story itself so, you can bake along as you read. As a mystery book though, I find that it falls a bit short. The story is not as accurate as a true crime book & as a true crime aficionado, the inconsistencies in police and forensic proceedings can be grating. Plus, you now that at the end of it that bad guy will be caught and the heroine will have a nice, sweet ending. (Not exactly an innovation in literature.) Be that as it may, “Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder” still manages to have a nice twist at the end; holding its’ cards close without revealing the ace until the last moment. Even I didn’t guess who the murderer was and I guess that’s the best you could ask for in a murder mystery.

All in all, it was a good book with a nice twist but, at the end of the day, it was a bit cupcakey- a nice distraction at most. It wasn’t a hard mystery, per say, but still a good one. If I had to describe “Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder” in one simple phrase, I would say: “Sugary sweet yet easily digestible.”

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