Ways to Stay Entertained While in Quarantine

Quarantined & already tired of watching the paint dry on the walls? Check out this list of all the ways I keep from succumbing to boredom & going stir crazy!

Give podcasts a try!

I’ve recently gotten in to listening to podcasts during work since days as a technical librarian can be pretty slow. But, since my job has been shut down due to the pandemic, I’ve found other ways to enjoy my favorite podcasts! I listen while I cook, clean, & get ready for the day. I find they’re a great reprieve from everything going on in the world right now & keep my mind busy. If you’d like, check out my posts on my favorite podcasts in the “Media” tab!

Be creative!

Now is the best time to get your creative juices flowing! That can mean working on your blog, writing, painting, or other creative activities. Personally, I have been repainting furniture, using Pinterest to plan out the redecoration of my house, baking, & working on restructuring my blog. Creativity comes in many forms, just do what makes you happy!

Pinterest is, in my opinion, one of the best sources for creative inspiration. You can find writing prompts, decor ideas, recipes, & more! I love their selection of free adult coloring printables & often go to Pinterest for inspiration when I feel stuck or just plain bored.

P.s. These quarantine themed adult coloring pages are a hilarious way to get through boredom. Check them out here.


I’m sure you’ve seen this suggestion over & over again when reading posts just like this one. But, books are one of the best sources of entertainment out there! I’ve been using the Libby app to read tons of e-books & listen to audiobooks, all free & through my public library system. Wattpad & Archive of Our Own are also good sources for free reading that I use on the regular. Additionally, I am participating in a reading challenge for the whole year & discussing our books in forums on Goodreads.

We’re only 4 months in to 2020 so it’s not too late to join your own reading challenge if that interests you! Check out this master reading list by GirlXOXO here!

Discover new artists, music, Youtubers, & more,

YouTube is another super awesome (& free) tool to keep you from dying of boredom. So far, I’ve been using it to find new makeup tutorials to try, discover new music/artists, & even watch free movies! I’m also a huge fan of gameplays & I’ve been watching RadBrad play the newly released Resident Evil 3 remake. Huge fan of horror games & this one is turning out good so far!
But, wherever your interests lie, I’m sure someone has uploaded a video on it to YouTube!

Treat yo self!

Just because you’re not going out anymore doesn’t mean you stop pampering yourself! Take a bubble bath with good music & an even better drink. I personally prefer jaeger to a glass of wine but, whatever floats your boat! Enjoy a face mask to pamper your skin & maybe even a hair mask as well! Paint your finger & toenails your favorite color & moisturize every inch of your skin! Or not, ya know, just do what makes you feel relaxed & spoiled.

Learn something new!

Now is an amazing time to take online courses! Yale, Stanford, Coursera & more are offering free online courses in hundreds of subjects from law to art! Additionally, if you’re already a student, you can use Rosetta Stone for free as well! If this doesn’t apply to you, I highly suggest Duolingo or a language podcast if learning a language is on your bucket list. I plan on using these free courses as a study tool before taking CLEP tests to score out of certain required courses for my degree.

Check out the course offering below!
Rosetta Stone

Get in to gaming!

One of the sure fire ways to waste hours away instead of staring off in to the abyss of boredom is to play a video game. My personal preference is PS4 but even if you don’t have a system you can still game! There are plenty of apps you can download on your phone and/or tablet to keep you entertained! On my phone, I have The Sims, Card Wars 2, Fruit Ninja, & Galaga Wars. There are also tons of games you can download to your PC or Mac. Just take a look & give it a try!

I am currently about to finish Assassins Creed Odyssey, along with its 2 DLCs. Also, I just bought GTA V & Job Simulator for my VR system. If you have a PlayStation, there is a major spring sale going on that I encourage you to take advantage of! Finally, if any of you would like to play together online for PS4, I would be happy to send you a friend request!

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