Highfire by Eoin Colfer: A Review

“Highfire” is one of those books with a premise so crazy that you wonder how it will all come together in a sensible, entertaining way. Luckily, Eoin Colfer managed to write an amazing story about the last dragon on Earth and a young Cajun boy on the run from a murderous, crooked constable. But how do these two very different characters meet? Well, you’ll have to read about that for yourself!

For the usual person-a book lover, especially- negative reviews tend to steer said person away from a product or service. But, in the case of “Highfire” by Eoin Colfer, the negative reviews made me all the more eager to read the new book! And what exactly were all these negative reviews about? The language! Either there was too much cussing or the reader couldn’t understand the Southern lingo or BOTH! My opinion regarding the cussing- I couldn’t give a flying f*ck. And the Southern colloquialisms? Being born & raised in the South helped with that. One thing that is important to understand is that in some parts of the United States, curse words are a part of every day language. It just is. But, I can understand how that may turn some people off. Please don’t let that impact your decision to read “Highfire” too much! It really is such an enjoyable read that I highly recommend!

Another negative review that I would like to address is that some readers found this book to be “juvenile”. I HIGHLY disagree. As a forewarning, “Highfire” contains subjects such as depression, suicide, alcoholism, abuse, sexuality, and murder. This is not a book for juveniles, obviously. Furthermore, I found the portrayal of depression and suicide to be incredibly real and the other characters’ reaction to it, comforting. It was nice to feel like I was connected to a character in a sense of being seen by them & some of the words of encouragement in the book I took to heart myself.

While covering some pretty heavy topics, “Highfire” still manages to be a fun read to pass the time in quarantine. Personally, I think you all would get a kick out of the protagonists, Vern & Squib, just as I did & encourage you all to give the book a read! If you’re interested, you can read a free excerpt on Goodreads, linked here.

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