The God Game: A Review

Hello everyone! I decided to do something a bit different with my book review this time around. Instead of writing a review at the end of my reading, I’d like to write updates after every reading session. That way, my opinions will be fresh and ya’ll will get a better feel of the book! The way “The God Game” came in to my possession is also a little different than normal. A good friend of mine & I decided to do a book swap, we’ll read the books, & then discuss them when finished. I can already tell I’m going to enjoy the one he sent me & I just hope the same goes for him!

Finally, I hope you all enjoy this new review format & let me know what you think!

5/12– I started reading “The God Game” today & at first, I was totally skeptical on whether I would actually like this book or not. It was a bit slow and full of teen drama (ew.) BUT, now that I am on Chapter 18, I am STRESSED. Lol. There is so much built up anticipation for what is going to happen next and I just feel like there is something bad just around the corner. I honestly cant put the book down without feeling like I’m missing something! And every time I think, “This will be the last chapter”, I look at the next and keep going!

23% of the way through the book & things are already heating up! I can already tell two characters are probably going to turn out to be real bad guys later on in the story & Im anticipating their story arc.

5/13- After today’s reading, I cant decide whether the G.O.D Game brings out the worst in people or if the worst is already there & the game just feeds it. I find myself rooting for the characters to be better but then some temptation comes along & any progress on their moral character goes down the drain. Maybe “The God Game” is just a microcosm of the human condition. I mean, how many of us would turn down money or power in return for doing one simple task like petty vandalism? But, that one small thing leads to a bigger thing & an even bigger thing- all as the rewards grow too. I read in a psychology journal that after a certain degree of wealth, happiness starts to decline. In situations like this, however, you’d be in too deep to quit. At what point do you realize that the benefits never outweighed to costs? When will the characters in the book finally realize this?

A few hours later & I’ve gotten to the end of it now. For a moment, I thought all of the characters were going to get a redemption.Things were going well between them all & they were realizing the error of their ways. SIKE. Everything hit the fan & it culminated in a huge betrayal that I can honestly say I saw coming, based on the characterization of the betrayer throughout the book. While it wasn’t the end that I wanted, it was the most fitting one for “The God Game.” In general, this book wasn’t one that I would have picked up myself at the store, it just didnt seem to be my “type”. But I am soooo glad it was sent to me! I seriously would have been missing out!

It took me only two days to go through a 450 page book & I loved every page of it. A true masterpiece of mind-bending story telling. This is a book that I wont be able to get out of my head for a good minute. Since this was a new format for my book reviews, I was hoping to take a little longer to read “The God Game” but I just couldn’t help myself!

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